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Ready to pave the way for a brighter future?

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Embrace the power of your brand to drive positive change and make an impact.

Ready to reshape your brand's journey for a brighter impact? I'm Luca Jakab, a branding and marketing expert with over a dozen years of hands-on experience.

My expertise lies in steering organisations with practical strategies that blend purpose, ethics, sustainability, and inclusivity into their branding and marketing.


Throughout my journey, I've teamed up with cultural institutes, collaborated with entrepreneurs, partnered with NGOs, and lent my insights to notable names such as UNICEF, LEVI'S, TikTok, and Drogerie Markt. These years have taught me that a brand's potential is not just in profits but in the positive change it can catalyse.


Join me on a path where business growth and positive impact converge. Learn more about my journey and how I can be your compass to navigate the exciting landscape of impactful branding on my About page.

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