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Let me be your compass in crafting a brand that harmonises with your values, sparking inspiration through a purposeful, ethical, inclusive, and sustainable lens.



I specialise in purpose-driven branding as I usually work with clients who want to create cultural, social or environmental value. Purpose branding is a process that involves strategic targeting, positioning, aligning and executing a product or service in a way that benefits society.​ My 1-on-1 consulting sessions are usually 1-3 hours long, depending on the project and my client's needs. After an initial meeting, I will create a personalised plan that will be our compass as I guide you through the branding process. 

Branding workshop

I am often invited to conduct branding workshops. Some of these workshops are held in a corporate setting where all participants work for the same organisation. We work together to develop or refresh their brand. I also run workshops for groups of individuals – usually as part of themed days where participants work on their own personal branding strategy. Feel free to contact me regarding prices and enquiries, and check out my current workshops here.

Marketing consulting

I am committed to working as an ethical consultant, which means advising my clients on branding and marketing strategies that are not harmful and can create positive social change through thoughtful and respectful content.​ Ethical marketing promotes honesty, fairness and responsibility in all advertising with general guidelines to help businesses evaluate new marketing strategies. I advocate for sustainable/green marketing that promotes sustainable and socially responsible products, services and practices, and I strongly believe in inclusive marketing as well, which aims to create content that truly reflects the diverse community a business serves by elevating different voices and reducing cultural bias. 


I am passionate about connecting artists, NGOs and brands, and I have experience in initiating and curating collaborations for large-scale projects and CSR and communication campaigns. 


I had the good fortune to work for several companies supporting charitable organisations. As a freelance consultant, I participated in projects involving aspects of corporate social responsibility and the campaigns based on them. One such project was nominated for a Civil Award in Hungary in 2021.​ My experience as a volunteer (10 years of volunteering as a trained crisis counsellor) and my qualifications in social work, philosophy and ethics, and CSR allow me to understand what nonprofits can offer to large brands. 

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