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Luca Jakab (she/her)

Strategic communications consultant

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Creativity and Innovation

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility


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About Me

Hey there, I'm Luca Jakab – a strategic branding and marketing consultant with 14+ years of hands-on experience. I specialise in purpose branding and ethical marketing. I advocate for inclusive and sustainable marketing practices and offer support to NGOs and purpose-driven businesses through online consultation, workshops, and marketing management. Recent highlights:

→ Supporting Social Tech Trust, one of London's elite impact investors, with brand strategy and B2B marketing. (2023 - present)


→ Working with Remarkably, one of the leading purpose consultancies in the UK, as a freelance brand and marketing strategist. (2023 - present)

→ Joined Scale Impact's expert pool as a strategic communications advisor. I support the NGOs they work with through workshops and consulting on brand and marketing strategy. We also developed a course together to help Hungarian SMEs build more sustainable and inclusive brands. (2023 - present)


→ Offering online consulting and running workshops to assist NGOs in building brand awareness and effective fundraising and marketing strategies. Some of the Hungarian organisations I worked with include Kék Vonal, Hintalovon, Marom, InDaHouse, Amigos, Superar, and Jamba. (2020-present)

→ I am a UK ambassador and accredited partner of Access4you, a certification scheme for building accessibility. (2023 - present)

→ Worked with Given, an agency helping brands become more purpose-driven, with their B2B strategy. I helped them win 4 Corpcomms Awards and launch a podcast that reached no. 6 in the Business Management category on Apple Podcasts. (2022-2023)

→ Produced a CSR communication campaign for Drogerie Markt and Blue Line Children's Crisis Foundation. The campaign resulted in a 20 million HUF donation and reached 5.4 million young people through social media over eight months. (2021)

→ Collaborated with UNICEF, Generali, and Blue Line on a joint campaign addressing COVID-19. The campaign was nominated for the Hungarian Civil Award for Best Communication Campaign. (2020)

I have also worked in the creative industries both in the UK and Hungary for several years. My focus has been on helping talented artists sell their work online as an artist manager, promoter, and creative entrepreneur. Some highlights:

→ Founded ArtConscious, which was an award-nominated online marketplace for Central and Eastern European artists, designers, fashion designers, galleries and art fairs. My team collaborated with over 150 international partners and utilized AI to enhance marketplace performance after securing early-stage and later seed funding from 2016 to 2020. I was featured in several top lists as a female founder and CEO, including Guild's '10 Hungarian Startups with Female Founders to Watch in 2020' and Vestbee's 'Top 25 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Hungary'.

→ Established AS Contemporary, an online gallery for UK-based artists. It had a charity donation feature, and The Resident London magazine praised the gallery for its potential to revolutionise the UK art market. (2014-2016)

Since 2021, I've actively shared my expertise through mentorship programs, playing the role of a brand strategist – passing on the torch of knowledge:

→ 2022: Brand Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program
→ 2021-2022: Personal Branding for UK-based Entrepreneurs, Talent Kapital
→ 2021: LinkedIn Strategy for Young Professionals, Work For Impact

Ready to collaborate to unlock your brand's potential for a world that's better by design? Uncover more about how we can join forces on my Services page.

Work Experience

2020 - present

2014 - 2020

2011 - 2014

Brand and marketing strategy, business development and CSR

Artist management, entrepreneurship, e-commerce and innovation

Cultural management, branding, marketing and PR

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