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The 10 most important branding trends to follow in 2022 - in my opinion, without any particular order of importance:

1. Brand activism - no matter how small or big your brand is, your followers and potential customers will more and more appreciate it if you stand up for an important cause. What will you stand for in 2022?

2. A higher goal - it is time for profit-oriented businesses to get back to their roots and rethink the positive and negative impact of their activities on the future of people and the planet. In 2022, even more customers will vote with their money for brands making a responsible profit.

3. Be inclusive and socially conscientious - you are becoming more aware of climate change, inequalities, ethical or unethical manufacturing processes, right? So do your customers. Next year, focus on showing as much as possible about how conscious and ethical your brand is.

4. Make your brand human - successful brands consciously build their marketing strategies to address the emotions of their followers and consumers. Whether you are a small business, self-employed, non-profit or an artist, you can use this strategy too. Think about how your target audience feels, instead of how you feel.

5. Branding without a brand - people know it from afar if we want to sell them something. Branding without a brand name and logo will be a new strategy for brands to reach customers who are tired of the overflow of marketing messages.

6. Community and shared values ​​- during the pandemic, we all realized how deeply we need human communities and interaction. This recognition is becoming increasingly important in the lives and success of brands. Where will your online community be most active in 2022?

7. Sustainability meets the mainstream - branding of eco-brands will no longer be for a narrow audience but will be widely expected. Eco brands have to look for new ways to stand out from the crowd, and mainstream brands have to make sure they think and talk about sustainability on a daily basis.

8. Disruptive and real branding - people do not want to see a brand that is detached from reality. Your customers can identify with an honest, imperfect, and close-to-reality identity much easier. Perfection has never been a good concept, it’s time to let go!

9. Quality over quantity - high-quality educational content is the most popular on social media and will only increase next year. In the sea of ​​online content, it will no longer be quantity but the quality that matters.

10. Purpose-driven campaigns - it is also worthwhile for companies or sole traders to follow a value-oriented strategy in their campaigns, whose activities are not closely linked to the creation of cultural or social value. Brands must dare to be divisive in 2022.

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