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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

During the 4x3 hour-long sessions we will work on a complex branding/rebranding strategy tailored to your needs.

Session 1.

- Purpose branding basics and evaluation of your brand audit

- SMART goals, objectives and brand SWOT analysis

- Brand purpose, vision and mission, communicating the 'why'

- Brand keywords, brand values and how to communicate them

- Audience personas; how to research and develop them

- Competitor research, niche audience, and how to find them

Session 2.

- Differentiation strategy

- Positioning statement

- Brand and customer archetypes

- Brand personality

- Brand language and brand voice

- Emotional branding, purpose branding and implementation

Session 3.

- Brand name analysis and tagline

- Key messages - core message and a set of key messages

- Storytelling techniques and brand story framework

- Current trends, logo and typography analysis

- Colour palette, image style and mood boards

- Iconography, graphics and illustration

Session 4.

- Signature offer, lead magnet and brand funnel

- Website analysis, customer journey and touch-points

- Social channels, community building and visibility strategy

- Content, advertisement, and marketing strategy analysis

- Physical store / personal presence / personal branding

- Summarising what we learned and how your brand progressed

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