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At the beginning of the pandemic, I shifted my career and decided to focus on strategic communications. I specialise in purpose branding and ethical marketing (1-on-1 consulting and workshops). In addition to advocating for sustainable/green marketing, I strongly believe in inclusive marketing.

I work with creatives, NGOs and purpose-driven businesses to help them reimagine their brands, update their relevance, and redefine the role of their organisations in society.

I am proud to have worked with clients and partners such as UNICEF Hungary, LEVI'S, TikTok, NGOs such as the Generali Foundation, Blue Line Children's Crisis Foundation (Kék Vonal), and Autistic Art Hungary.


- Drogerie Markt and Blue Line Children's Crisis Foundation (Kék Vonal) | CSR Campaign

Drogerie Markt was looking for a charity partner for its CSR campaign. Their goal was to support the mental health of teenage children during and after the pandemic. The donation we secured (HUF 20 million) made it possible for Hungary's official crisis helpline for children to run an 8-month campaign. We reached 5.4 million young people through various social media channels.

- UNICEF, Generali, and Blue Line (Kék Vonal) | Joint Campaign (award-nominated)

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Blue Line joined forces with UNICEF Hungary, Generali Foundation and POME to tell every child they are not alone, and help is available during quarantine. Our campaign was nominated for the Hungarian Civil Award in the category of Best Communication Campaign in 2020.

- LEVI'S and Autistic Art | Charity Supporting Auction and Campaign

With my help, LEVI'S organised a trucker art project to support Autistic Art (Hungary) by donating a collection of hand-made jackets to them. The jackets were created by sought-after artists and sold through an online auction with the goal of enabling people living with autism to discover and express their artistic skills.

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Brand strategy, marketing strategy, fundraising, CSR, website development and SEO, artist X brand cooperation, social media content and management

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Strategic communication

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