Giving back through mentoring

Giving back is part of my mission as an ethical business owner.


I am committed to running my business in accordance with my values and making a positive impact on the world. To help underrepresented or minority groups succeed, I offer free branding workshops and sessions.

SEIP - Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is an online incubation program supporting social entrepreneurs, impact-oriented innovators and purpose-driven businesses with an extended international network of peers, experts and mentors. As one of their mentors, I help social entrepreneurs in the SEIP network break through complex branding challenges. Join my Brand Strategy Workshops in 2022!

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Catalyst Program - New Generation Centre UK

New Generation Centre is a London-based project providing talent development and career services. Its mission is to support students and young professionals in their personal and career progress. I am proud to participate in NGC's Catalyst Program (2021, 2022). 


Work For Impact - Pathways Program

Work For Impact is a platform designed specifically for socially, environmentally responsible and nonprofit organisations. The Pathways participants receive Google IT support training, mentorship, and job readiness to start a career based on their freshly learned skills. I am honoured to be one of their mentors (2021).