Giving Back Through Mentoring

Giving back means different things to different people.

For me, it is part of my mission as an ethical business owner.


Ethical businesses try to consider the impact of their actions, products and services on people, animals and the environment and try to minimise any negative impact they make on them. It is important for me to run my business in line with my personal values and actively try to make a positive impact. I do it by offering free branding workshops and sessions to help NGOs and underrepresented or minority groups succeed.

SEIP - Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is an online incubation program supporting social entrepreneurs, impact-oriented innovators and purpose-driven businesses with an extended international network of peers, experts and mentors. As one of their mentors, I help social entrepreneurs in the SEIP network break through complex branding challenges. Join my Brand Strategy Workshops in 2022!

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Catalyst Program - New Generation Centre UK

New Generation Centre is a London-based project providing talent development and career services. Its mission is to support students and young professionals in their personal and career progress. I am proud to participate in NGC's Catalyst Program (2021, 2022). 


Work For Impact - Pathways Program

Work For Impact is a platform designed specifically for socially, environmentally responsible and nonprofit organisations. The Pathways participants receive Google IT support training, mentorship, and job readiness to start a career based on their freshly learned skills. I am honoured to be one of their mentors (2021).