About Luca Jakab

Purpose-driven consulting

I am an experienced Brand and Communications Consultant and I offer services as a Mentor as well. I come from a culture-oriented entrepreneurial background with a passion for innovation and social impact. My area of focus varies from art and design management and creative entrepreneurship to building brands, networks, and communities.

I work with entrepreneurs and organisations around the world. I actively help them with the reimagining of their brands, updating their relevance, and redefining the role of their businesses in society. I am proud to have worked with clients and partners such as UNICEF Hungary, Generali Foundation, LEVI'S, TikTok, and charity organisations such as Autistic Art and Blue Line Children's Crisis Foundation. Some of my projects were featured in Forbes, Elle, Marie Claire, The Resident London etc. and an article in Medium shortlisted me as one of the '10 Female Founders to Watch'.

I also have a passion for mentoring. I am involved in several international mentorship programs as a brand specialist. My goal is to actively give back and help young professionals and entrepreneurs to help them start a career. 

I love working with people who are driven by creating value: creatives, conscious companies and NGOs. The way we work reflects my personal values: creativity, diversity and inclusion, equality and sustainability.


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